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  SmartPorts on Eesti-Läti-Soome-Rootsi ühisprojekt, mille eesmärgiks on parandada Balti mere väikesadamate võrgustiku teenuseid. 
MTÜ Eesti Väikesadamate Arenduskeskus on projekti juhtpartner, rohkem infot projekti eesmärkide ja tegevuste kohta võib lugeda projekti kodulehelt

SmartPorts project aims at: 

Improved services of existing small ports to improve local and regional mobility and contribute to tourism development by integrating region's small port network via modern ICT solution, harmonizing quality of existing services by investing into port technology, safety- and environment protection equipment and long term joint (cross-border) marketing tools and activities in order to double the number of visitors by the sea. 

SmartPorts project will result in:
Improvement in level of services in 16 ports, in 4 countries (services are harmonized) by end of 2017, increase in number of foreign visitors by the sea (doubled by 2020), increase in length of stay of foreign visitors by the sea (doubled by 2020).

This is done with 1 225 259,96€ from the European Regional Development Fund

More information about the SmartPorts activities on the project page HERE.