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The newly renovated small Lõunaranna Port is waiting for you on the southern shores of Muhu Island and offers landing places for 55 bigger and smaller vessel, also 12 places for visitors. We guarantee you
amazing landscape and a relaxed mind.

Electricity and drinking water are available on the berth; visitors can also use laundry facilities. Meals and drinks are served in the buffet. Visitors are invited to use our excellent sauna. Free WiFi.

The port can receive sea vessels with a maximum draught of 2,2 metres and maximum length of 17 metres.

From the axle buoy on the north side of the deeper part of Kaistu Bay (sea chart), the coordinates N 58° 31.279 and E 23° 19.382, hold course at 360° along the 180-metre-wide shipway marked with axle buoys and head to the port.

A detailed sea chart (JPG, 810 KB)


EST-LAT55 - Improvement of sailing infrastructure and yacht harbours network building in Estonia and Latvia